John DiLoreto has served 25 years in Silicon Valley as an engineer, marketer, executive, entrepreneur in the fields of telecom, displays and digital media. As an industry analyst, he has made regular contributions to technology and forecast reports, and has presented and moderated panels at industry events. With top-level analytical and business management skills and with senior executive experience in several high-tech start-ups, his expertise in offshore business development, strategic partnering, manufacturing, finance and administration have made him a well-rounded and highly-valued business consultant and advisor.

As an industry executive, he has made key contributions in medical imaging, including the introduction of the first artificial intelligence-based medical image processing system. An innovator in large-scale displays, he co-founded Jenmar Visual Systems and holds key patents in refractive screen technology and led this technology into commercialization in a number of markets. Jenmar screens cover the exterior of the landmark Nasdaq building at Times Square and can also be found in the cockpits of F-18 aircraft and on rides at Disneyland. His latest endeavors involve HDTV and media distribution in the home, realized in a custom-built 73-in. prototype, affectionately called Woody. John also serves on the advisory boards of a number of high-tech companies across the country.

Mr. DiLoreto holds technical and business degrees from M.I.T., U.C. Berkeley and Stanford. He has proven leadership in commercializing new technologies and has a consistent record of rapidly and solidly positioning companies with strategic customers, suppliers, manufacturing partners and the media to entrench new products in established and developing markets.

John is also a performing musician on voice and keyboards. Classically trained, he competed on piano in high school and excelled at trumpet in symphony band and orchestra. In his junior year of college he studied at L'Ecole National de Musique in Nantes, France and wrote the score to a theatrical production of Saint-Exupery's "Le Petit Prince." In Palo Alto, John opened a recording studio and produced multi-track remote recordings of TheatreWorks productions and others. He also produced and distributed records of local musicians, including a joint project with Windham Hill Records and guitarist Robbie Basho. He served as founding director and treasurer of what is now the West Coast Songwriters Association. For over 15 years John also performed keyboards and vocals in a number of local rock groups, featuring classic rock and Motown. He has also played keyboard in local community theatre productions.

John has worked as a board member of arts-oriented non-profit corporations including the Nothern California Songwriters Association, Tapestry Arts, and The Tabard Theatre Company, where he currently serves as CFO.